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The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale



The 50 Lines Challenge:



“The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale”

is a book with one big advantage,

you only need to read the first 50 lines to know whether you’re going to like the story or not.

If you’re not hooked after 50 lines then my book is not for you.



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Chapter 1

In the Beginning Was the Word


In the beginning, there was nothing.
Neither Space nor Time existed.
Merely the thoughts of the Gods – incomprehensible to us – and their emotions.
In their hearts, a single sentiment:
Utter boredom.
One of them had an idea:
I’m sick of this! Let’s play.
Thoughts criss-crossed in confusion.
(Play what? / What’s he saying? / Play? Play? There’s nothing to play!)
Shut up, everybody!
The rules are simple.
Each of us stakes his own Divinity.
With every bet lost, the loser creates something, using up a part of himself.
When he loses everything, he vanishes for ever.
In the end, all that will be left is one God
And whatever has been created.

Packs of cards were produced seemingly out of nowhere, and groups gathered around tables that weren’t there just a moment before. There was shouting, pushing and shoving. Finally the unruly mob organised itself and all the Gods settled down as the cards were dealt for the first time.

They started to play, enthusiastically and as the bets piled up and the stakes increased, emotions were riding high. The Gods gambled on their own existence, hoping to find relief from a tedium of cosmic dimensions, something well beyond our grasp or understanding.

One of the players looked down at his cards. Intoxicated with excitement, he shouted:

‘I bet everything! My whole Divinity!’

A wave of admiration swept across the company.

‘If you lose, what will you turn into?’ somebody asked.

‘Into a whole universe,’ shouted the God, ecstatically. ‘That’s how powerful I am!’ Read the rest of this entry