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How To Promote Your Self-published Book – Unorthodox Advice! Part One.

After ten months promoting my book “The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale” I’ve reached the conclusion that most of the promotion suggestions you can find on the internet are pretty irrelevant and little more than formulaic. Even worse, the things that do matter are either never mentioned or not mentioned in detail and, as I have laboriously found out, the devil really is in the detail.

So I decided to write a series of articles on how to promote self-published books. Here is the first instalment:


If you don’t know what Goodreads is, check it out HERE (Wikipedia)

Here are my suggestions:

a) Don’t follow Goodreads’ advice and offer ten books, two books is more than enough

b) Start your giveaway on a Monday and end it on a Thursday (Friday to Sunday are usually the lowest traffic days on Goodreads and what matters most are the first three and the last three days of the giveaway, as explained further on).

c) make sure that there are no public holidays near the start and end dates. 70% of the entries will be during the first and the last three days, when your giveaway is visible on the “recently listed” and “ending soon” tabs. The month or so inbetween won’t have much effect. Read the rest of this entry