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How To Promote Your Self-published Book – Unorthodox Advice! Part Two.

After ten months promoting my book “The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale” I’ve reached the conclusion that most of the promotion suggestions you can find on the internet are pretty irrelevant and little more than formulaic. Even worse, the things that do matter are either never mentioned or not mentioned in detail and, as I have laboriously found out, the devil really is in the detail.   So I’ve decided to write a series of articles on how to promote self-published books. Here is the second instalment:

II – “Amazon Bestselling Author” And Other Titles

– Not Necessarily What It Seems –

If you’ve been browsing self-published authors’ profiles on Smashwords or Amazon you’re probably a bit amazed at how many of them sport the title “Amazon Bestselling Author”. How come all these people are selling millions and you aren’t? And you never heard of any of them, which is very strange indeed because they all seem to be also “award-winning” authors. And there’s so many of them. Are they giving Booker Prizes weekly now? How odd. Read the rest of this entry